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UCS 교수진은 성공적이고도 성숙한 사도, 선지자, 복음전파자, 목사, 교사로 구성되었다. 교수를 선정할 때 가장 우선적으로 사역을 얼마나 효과적으로 하는지를 검토하며, 의사소통 능력이나 사역 기술을 전수하는데 있어 뛰어난 기름부음이 있는지 여부를 확인한다.

곽 태진
Dustin Kwak
Vice Director at Marketing Dept. 
AM 1230 RadioK1230 
LA Woori Broadcasting

Knowledgeable marketing professional with more than 12 years in developing, implementing and managing public relations strategies and activities. Superb communication skills with talent in developing innovative public relations and marketing strategies. Experienced marketing management professional who consistently delivers high-quality and results-focused marketing content.

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