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Classroom Lectures

The most common type of learning that UCS students can earn credits from. Unlikely a conference as an open lecture, classroom lectures are only provided for the students who paid tuition. Registered auditors are also qualified to take classroom lectures.

What distinguishes UCS from other seminaries is providing intensive lectures. We take this innovative program with the purpose to offer an opportunity to students to be trained effectively without the need to leave off from their ministries or workplace for a long time.

Intensive lecture is a 3-day-long program and takes 20 hours in sum. As one credit takes 4 hours, students can acquire five credits during this program. Students can acquire additional 2 credits when submitting a reading reflection paper after taking lectures. In this case, additional tuition needs to be paid for the additional credit.

After lectures, a group meeting with a faculty is followed, and private prayer time is offered. Student small group meetings are followed, too.

To audit is allowed for the students who do not need to earn academic credits but want to take lectures from outstanding faculties and experience gift impartation. However, please be notified that the priority to take lectures is given to UCS enrolled students first, and auditors can take remaining seats on a first-come-first-served basis.

After completing the three-day intensive lectures, students are required to submit an academic self-assessment report. The school reviews the report and sends the confirmation letter of acquired credits by main or email.







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